Completely worthless

Seems like a lot of stuff is happening all at once doesn’t it? And not good stuff for the GOP … at all.

But all of this stuff is a self-own. The GOP stuck with Santos (just like they stuck with Trump) even though they KNEW that he is complete scum. McCarthy is still hedging his bets on his support because his margin for leadership is so slim. Think about that, the speaker of the house for the GOP has so little scruples and is so desperate to remain in power that he has to play pattycakes with the likes of this guy … and a veritable clown car of Qanon loons like Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

Old school Republicans, isn’t it time you demanded better? Sure, you’ll lose a bunch of election cycles, but you deserve it. But then, you can rebuild on a more credible foundation. That’s what Liz Cheney is hoping for at least.

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