3/4 of Trump Voters Think the FBI has it in for Trump

Interestingly, these are probably the same people and the same number who think that Brutus Beefcake really had it out for Ric Flair,  but I digress.

Per Huffpo:

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans’ sweeping attacks on the nation’s premier law enforcement agency appear to be working: Nearly three-quarters of Trump voters ― 74 percent ― say the FBI is biased against the president, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.

Just under one-third of Trump voters say they have even a “fair amount” of trust in the FBI, while 64 percent say they don’t trust the FBI very much or at all.

The majority of Trump voters, 59 percent, strongly disapprove of the FBI’s handling of the Russia investigation, with an additional 20 percent somewhat disapproving of the job the bureau has been doing on the Russia probe….

…By contrast, although Hillary Clinton’s voters believe the FBI had a negative impact on her electoral chances, most still say they trust the FBI ― and just 5 percent believe that the FBI is biased against Trump. And among those who’ve heard about the memo, just 16 percent think it’s even somewhat accurate, with only 4 percent believing it shows wrongdoing on the part of the agency.

Now that the memo has been released, just under 70 percent of Americans now say they’ve heard of it, up from less than 60 percent in a previous survey. (Non-voters have largely tuned out the controversy altogether ― just 18 percent say they’ve heard a lot about the memo, and those who’ve heard at least something are relatively split about its accuracy.)

Overall, that leaves 35 percent of Americans who’ve heard about the memo saying that it shows the FBI did something wrong, and another 34 percent that it vindicates the bureau, with the rest unsure….

,,,Republicans who appeared on the Sunday shows cautioned that the memo was a separate issue from the probe that special counsel Robert Mueller is running to examine possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election, but some Trump voters haven’t gotten the message. About one-third of Trump voters think that the president should fire Mueller, according to another recent HuffPost/YouGov survey.

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TRUMP (2016): Mexico is paying for the wall!!

TRUMP (2017): OK, you’re paying for the wall but Mexico will pay soon.

TRUMP (2018): Unless YOU pay for the wall, I’m shutting down the government.

Mueller might have the goods

The paper of record reports today that Robert Mueller has an early draft of a letter Trump and one of toadies had prepared in advance of firing Comey.  Things appear to be moving more quickly (working holiday for the Mueller team).  This could explain the full on barrage of nonsense that we are seeing from the GOP, in an effort to dirty Mueller and his investigation up.  If I was a cynic,  I would say that they’re trying to get ahead of something bad and win this in the court of public opinion before something drops.

We’ll keep an eye on this but my Spidey sense is telling me that something is about to pop soon;  either Trump making a move to get rid of Rosenstein (and Mueller as a result)…or Mueller is about to pull something new out of his bag of tricks.


In case you were wondering

CBO: Senate tax bill increases deficit by $1.4 trillion

So much for the mythical “fiscal conservative” eh?

The Senate GOP tax plan will increase the deficit by more than $1.4 trillion over a decade, according to a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
The CBO score comes as senators are already voting on amendments to the legislation and are expected to pass the bill in the early morning hours of Saturday.
The legislation, according to CBO, would have the largest deficits between the 2019 fiscal year and the 2022 fiscal year.
The finding comes as GOP senators have largely ignored warnings that their tax plan would increase the deficit. Republicans argue that economic growth will more than make up for any increases to the national debt.
An earlier CBO estimate on the version of the tax plan passed by the Senate Finance Committee also found the bill would increase the deficit by roughly $1.4 trillion.
Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is the only GOP senator expected to vote against the bill, citing concerns on the spending.
“At the end of the day, I am not able to cast aside my fiscal concerns and vote for legislation that I believe, based on the information I currently have, could deepen the debt burden on future generations,” he said earlier Friday.